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Apollo Tyres established itself in 1972 as a single brand enterprise. Over the years, as the organisation grew and expanded its footprint across geographies, several brands either joined or were born into its fold. While the company focuses on its 2 key brands —Apollo and Vredestein, it also owns two smaller and region specific brands – Kaizen and Regal.

Brands, Apollo and Vredestein comprise of tyres for passenger, commercial and?off highway vehicles. Brands Regal and Kaizen focus on the truck-bus tyre segment.

Each brand from the company is equipped with its own distinctive visual language and targeted to a specific customer need. This approach has enabled Apollo Tyres to provide a wide range of products for various applications, across geographies — ending with a delighted customer.



Apollo tyres are manufactured in India and Europe and are available across all categories, including commercial, passenger vehicles, two wheelers, farm and industrial.

As a brand philosophy, Apollo Tyres believes in giving its customers new choices that put them in control and help them to conquer the road ahead. Apollo enables individuals to achieve their own potential, when it comes to driving and in every area of life as reflected in its tagline 'go the distance'.

A choice of global and Indian original equipment auto players, Apollo Tyres' genesis dates back to the mid 1970s, when the first corporate identity was unveiled. It stood for passion, aggression and determination to achieve excellence in all spheres.

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Innovation is seeing ahead

Rubber has been in our blood since the beginning of the 20th century and, like innovation, is a building block of our DNA. This has made us what we are today: a leading European manufacturer of first-class tyres and a proud part of the Apollo family. Learn more about Apollo Vredestein BV?

Born to perform

Tyres contain a great deal of technology. At Vredestein, we develop and produce tyres which enhance the performance of every vehicle. A Vredestein tyre is designed to perform optimally and maximise users’ freedom at all times. We strive to offer all drivers the safest and best possible driving experience.


Technology based on design. This is Vredestein.

At Vredestein we have a clear vision on how a tyre should look. This is why we have had a partnership with the famous Italian design agency Giugiaro since 1997 and why we also devote so much attention in-house to the tread design and sidewalls of our tyres. From??

The Vredestein brand is over 100 years old and has achieved premium brand status in the automotive industry. Products include car tyres, tyres for agricultural and industrial applications, and bicycle tyres. A significant part of our car tyres is designed by the Italian design house Giugiaro. We act as a supplier both to the replacement market and to renowned car manufacturers (Original Equipment Manufacturing).

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