Why Work for Us

Apollo Tyres Ltd, India

?"Apollo believes in corporate success by cultivating an atmosphere of fun and productivity in the work place. We believe that the company's biggest differentiator is its creative employees.

We at Apollo aim at stretching our creative boundaries every day and making the impossible possible.?

Apollo Tyres’ heritage is built on performance, team work and continuous learning. Each day we train and urge our employees to perform even better at the next level. The company’s reward and recognition programmes are implemented to acknowledge both, team and individual performers. This results in the sharing of best practices across functions and geographies. Our wide range of employee services, retirement, health and other benefit plans are specially designed to help potential employees make the best decisions for themselves and their families.?????????


Apollo Vredestein BV

The success of Apollo Vredestein, the company primarily depends on the flexibility, quality and motivation of our people. For us our employees always come first.

We believe it is vital to continuously invest in our employees’ further development, as their quality and satisfaction is what gives us an edge over our competitors. Interdisciplinary cooperation is also crucial. ???????

Apollo Vredestein B.V. is renowned for ongoing innovation, ever-improving corporate performance and talent development of our employees. Our strength in this regard lies in an integrated approach, short communication lines and an informal open culture. This allows Apollo Vredestein B.V. to launch new products on a regular basis. Employee training is carefully targeted and the company offers ample development and flourishing career opportunities.?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

Working at Apollo Vredestein B.V. means being part of a flat organisational structure. A fast decision-making process ensures the smooth development of new and original products. Highly qualified colleagues have a considerable degree of autonomy within their function. As we manage all our own corporate processes in-house, from development to production and from marketing to logistics, Apollo Vredestein B.V. offers a wide diversity of disciplines. Working with Apollo Vredestein B.V. requires a high level of autonomy, versatility and multidisciplinary cooperation. Passion, drive, creativity and daring are important personal competences for our (potential) employees.??????


Processes at Apollo

Performance Management

  • Transparent, online multi-level review and feedback system
  • Direct linkage to company goals to one’s own key result areas?????????????????????????????????????????????????????


Compensation Practices??????????????????

  • Simple and effective compensation structure with employee friendly benefits
  • Flexi-benefit concept to aid employee in designing the compensation structure as per their family and lifestyle needs??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
  • Variable pay as a part of the complete compensation; paid out quarterly based on individual and organisational performance??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

Hiring & Orientation

Robust hiring process using multi channels such as social media, leading recruitment agencies, online job portals.???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

Bring Your Buddy scheme: Employees are empowered to share their acquaintances for vacancies at Apollo.??? ???????????

Orientation: A well-defined induction process for new joiners to handhold them into their role at Apollo Tyres with interfaces to different departments. ???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????????

Career Development

We believe in enabling that our internal talent achieves their potential through numerous growth opportunities such as:

International Postings - We have more than 70 expats who have moved to different parts of the globe.??????????? ???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

Internal Job Postings - Ability to apply for other cross vertical roles within the organisation

Leadership Development Programs - A strong leadership development program having tie-ups with leading institutes like IIM’s, INSEAD, IMD Lausanne, for world-class programmes on leadership development

Technical Leadership Development Programs - A strong association with the technical academia through latest concepts of rubber, polymer and chemical specially crafted for our R&D experts

Internal Trainings - Internal Trainers conducting functional and technical sessions, Superior R&D training in Tyre Design, Process Manufacturing and Raw Material Testing. Strong training modules on competency development.

E-Learning modules for a number of business related subject.???????????????????


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