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Community Development

We at Apollo strive to impact lives and make a difference. We have a great relationship with all our stakeholders but more importantly with the community around us. As part of our CSR activities, we have various community development programs based on the following themes:

1. Livelihood Programme for Underprivileged Women

The organisation provides skill building and income generation activities for the underprivileged women at their door steps in the villages around its manufacturing locations, under banner Navya, to address the problem of poverty and poor social status of women in the community. These initiatives are agriculture and non-agriculture based.

Under this initiative Self Help Groups (SHGs) are formed or strengthen the already existing SHGs mainly to empower women and address the issues related to women both in livelihood and social sectors.? The programme follows the SHG guideline, objective and functioning namely savings, credit, thrifts, meetings livelihood and income generation activities and social mobilisation.

Women are trained in agriculture and non-agriculture activities such as rubber sheet making, mushroom cultivation, apiculture (honey production), khakhra making, tailoring, organic farming, livestock care and management and others for income generation. Various capacity building sessions are being taken up to build the core strength of the beneficiaries.The trained beneficiaries are further linked with the market and service sector for employment. The programme also provided credit linkage with banks/financial institution for setting up or expansion of the business.

The women linked with Navya programme also benefit from the Biogas project whereby individual biogas units are installed as a replacement to conventional fuel.

In addition to programme Navya, the organisation also provides livelihood support to male farmers by providing technical skills and knowledge in improved farming practise and livestock care and management. The farmers received training in various composting methods, fodder management, organic farming, cattle rearing and others. Awareness programmes related to livestock care management practices and breeding camps are also organised under this initiative.

Further, in extension to the core programme, career counselling is also provided to the ITI and graduate students for better job opportunity at Chennai and Kochi location.


In addition to the core theme few local initiatives are also conducted in this category. These initiatives are designed on the local needs and requirement of the community and implemented in the 25-30 km radius of the manufacturing locations. Details of such initiatives given below:

Road Safety:?Under this initiative, the organisation observes Road Safety week and also conducts awareness activities with school children, truck drivers and road users at 15 km stretch to Chalakudy. Road safety awareness signboards are also installed for road users.

Computer Literacy:?Computer literacy project was rolled out in 2016 to provide basic computer education skills to government school students. Currently the project is running at Mathur, Sennakuppam, Vallakottai , Eraiyur ?and Serapanancheri villages, Chennai Tamil Nadu. The project includes a lab facility and a tutor to train the students.


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