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The organisation acknowledges the need to address the health issues experienced by its key customers, truck drivers. Hence preventative healthcare programme for trucking community, a flagship programme for the organisation, was established in 2000. The programme has established 31 Healthcare Centres in large transhipment hubs spanning across 18 Indian states. The Healthcare Centres (HCC) are staffed with well qualified doctors, paramedics, counsellors and outreach workers. Services under Healthcare Programme:

1. HIV-AIDS Awareness and Prevention? Programme

Over 50% of the truck drivers in India face health problems. To address this issue, the organisation started its intervention on Healthcare for the Trucking Community in 2000.The service provided under HIV Awareness and Prevention includes Behaviour Change Communication (BCC), Sexually Transmitted Infection (STI) Diagnosis and Treatment, Counselling, Condom Promotion, Integrated Counselling Testing Centre (ICTC) support and Awareness?

?2.Vision Care

Due to long distance travel and poor working conditions truck drivers are vulnerable to vision related diseases.? Apollo Tyres has initiated the vision testing programme in its healthcare centres, where vision testing facility is established and also periodic eye care camps are organised. The major feature of this initiative is that spectacles are distributed at low cost rate to the people identified with refractive error issues. Cataract patients are linked with nearby hospitals for further treatment.

?3.Awareness on Tuberculosis (TB)

The risk of progressing from latent to active TB is estimated to be between 12 and 20 times greater in people living with HIV than among those without HIV infection. Truck drivers are more prone to this disease. Under this initiative services like sputum testing, linking beneficiaries who are found positive with (DOTs) facility and conducting regular awareness sessions in order to prevent TB are offered.

Apollo Tyres partnered with The Union (US AIDS) for technical partnership in creating awareness related to TB. The Union, as a technical partner facilitates the coordination between ATF and the Central TB Division/ state TB cell for easy implementation of the project.

4.Other Non-Communicable Diseases

Due to nomadic lifestyle of the truck drivers there is an increase in life style related diseases such as diabetes and hyper tension. Diabetes and High Blood Pressure were identified as two significant risks that challenge truck drivers. In order to address the problem the organisation added testing facility for both the risks. Across all the healthcare centre diabetes screening and blood pressure check-ups are conducted.

?5. General Healthcare and Treatment

There are other generic treatment facilities also provided at each healthcare centre such as fever, cough, cold, flu and other basic First Aid features.


3 P’s of Healthcare Centre

1) Partnership Model Approach- Wider Outreach

2) Peer Educator – Vital Connecting link

3) Presence of all Health services at doorstep?

Partnership Model Approach:

The organisation fosters partnership models for a wider outreach of its services.

ATF has partnered with State AIDS Control Society (SACS) and government agencies for various services like HIV testing (ICTC) and training, vision screening, DOT Centre and sputum testing facility.

ATF has also partnered with few corporate to implement the program.

Our Partners (Ambuja Cement Foundation, ACC, Ashok Leyland and Essilor Foundation)?

Peer Educator (PE) Involvement

Given the geographical spread of the transhipment hub in a location and the migrant and mobile nature of truck drivers, PEs are the vital links to disseminate information related to Apollo Health Care Centre's facility. PEs are not only easily accessible but help in reaching out the target audience at the most opportune time.

The Programme has mobilised over 856 peer educators, who provide voluntary services for the health care project across locations

Presence of all Health Services at doorstep

In extension to our static healthcare centre, mobile alternatives are provided to enhance connectivity. Mobile camps are conducted at all locations.

Mobile Medical Unit?

To better the outreach, mobile medical units (Apollo Tyres Health Care Express) have also been introduced with a view to improve access to cost effective and quality healthcare at their doorstep.? Mobile medical units are operational in four locations i.e. Delhi, Namakkal (Tamil Nadu), Gurugram (Haryana), Chhindwara (Madhya Pradesh).



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